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The Web Store For Those Who Love Animals
Just As Much As We Do.

Founded June, 2014

This is our reason for opening this wonderful store.

I found myself disheartened and even angry at report after report of animal abuse flooding the news broadcasts. I saw wild animals and domesticated animals alike abused in countless ways and I knew in my soul that I had to get involved and do something. I founded AAIWS. If you have not heard of us yet, AAIWS is Animal Abuser Identification Warning System. We intend to fight for all animals who need us. Financially this was a staggering undertaking. I put my design skills to work and began creating merchandise which would display our Logo in multiple forms so that others can show their support by buying, using or wearing our merchandise. Any money made goes back into the shop, and also to animal causes which will use the money to aid and protect the voiceless innocent. Animals truly have no voice to ask for help. They need us, and more importantly, we need them.

Here is a sneak look at some of our merchandise!

Men's Items



Women's Items

Please Keep Coming Back!

     As time passes and word of our work spreads we will be continually updating and adding or changing merchandise. We offer items for Men, Women, Children, and even the family pets. Here you will find Mouse Pads, Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Mugs, Travel Mugs, Water Bottles, and much more! If there are specific items you can no longer find or that you have not yet found feel free to make an inquiry and we will see if we can accommodate your request. Too often I see organizations which request donations but if we donate they keep asking for more. Sometimes this is just not affordable. We have created this store with that fact in mind. We use raised funds to back our work with both helping animals and fighting to bring their abusers to justice. That is why AAIWS Merchandise is a store that is near and dear to our hearts. We use what we make to help the voiceless innocent animals which would never be helped or even find justice being given to the heinous abusers who should be harshly prosecuted for their horrid acts. Below is a link to our message board so that you can voice your thoughts and so that you can let us all know what you think. I only caution to say that if you post negativity here or arguing, we will delete your posts and take immediate action to make sure that you post nothing further here. If such action is found to be necessary the actions taken will be permanent, and not subject to debate. This is not the place for petty issues and bickering.

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